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If you found $50 on the ground, would you pick it up?

Of course most of you would.

Money is tight for just about everyone but there is one source of income people overlook every day because they might think:

     â€¢ it’s too hard
     â€¢ it’s overly risky
     â€¢ it can’t be done

You might be inclined to leave this page when you read the following two words but that would be a mistake. Here it is:


Hear us out before you leave. Not reading the following could be a mistake. A few extra minutes of your time could mean extra income for you and change your financial future.

The evolution of the computer has revolutionized people’s daily lives, from how they do business, share information, and even socialize. With ever-increasing chip and internet speeds, technology has also revolutionized how the average investor invests his income and trades the stock market.

Just as the large financial institutions use high-speed computers, people at home now use high-speed internet and personal computers to also trade the market.

Robotic stock trading is the next evolution of online stock trading technology. In fact, it is the secret to stock market success your mutual fund manager doesn’t want you to know about. Why?

Your fund manager wants you to buy and hold your stock investments. However, buy-and-hold is not for people who want to realize profits earlier than 20 or 30 years in the future. That is why thousands of people in 68 countries are robotically trading the market through trusted industry leaders including

     â€¢ TD Ameritrade,
     â€¢ ETrade,
     â€¢ MB Trading,
     â€¢ AutoShares, and
     â€¢ (Jim Cramer Actions Alerts Plus!)

Robotic trading is how the average investor is now investing in the market. It’s literally like finding money on the ground. There is money to be taken from the stock market almost every day. How?

Stocks go up and down all day long so then all day long, you can you buy low, then sell higher for profit. You just need the right robotic trading tool, and the low broker fees to accomplish it.

For example, a 50 cent move on 100 shares will give you 50 dollars. Even a 20 cent move gives you 20 dollars. With your robotic trader, EVERY time it sees that profit, it takes it--over and over again, and that adds up month over month. Compare that with mutual funds or any buy and hold strategy where stocks go up and then they go down, without taking profits along the way.

CoolTrade™ Inc., the pioneer in robotic stock trading technology, is the developer of the only tried and true, proven robotic stock trading software.

With CoolTrade™, robotic trading is not daytrading—it’s about following sound rules and minimizing risks through

     â€¢ Proper Money Allocation
     â€¢ Profit Protection and
     â€¢ Profit Maximization algorithms

Robotic trading is about getting a leg up on the big financial institutions through StealthMode trading (you’re going to love how CoolTrade™ hides your orders from ‘big brother’).

Most of all, robotic trading is about scanning the market repeatedly for profits and grabbing it when it sees it.

Simply download the CoolTrade™ software and run it. No technical programming knowledge is required.

Trading the stock market is easier than you think.




CoolTrade™ Testimonials:

  • When I was told about the returns I could expect, I thought it was too good to be true. But after using it, I believe it's the real deal.
    –Phillip R., Chicago, Illinois
  • CoolTrade™ gave me the ability to take my strategies that I was already using and input them into the system-just point and click.
    –Jeff, New York City, NY
  • It won't buy or sell stock unless it passes different rules. I couldn't watch multiple stocks where there are rules attached but this can.
    –Patrick, Scottsdale, AZ


  • Using CoolTradeâ„¢, you let it do its job. You just sit back and watch it make money. I feel I'm in control of my finances. It's a great feeling!
    –Gerald, Scottsdale, AZ
  • I've been trading for years, and CoolTrade is the best tool that I've found that both screens stocks and automatically does the trading.
    –Jeffrey H.
  • I love my robotic trader! One position that I was holding went up 19%. The trader grabbed that profit as soon as it started turning.
    –Ian, New York City, NY


  • I've got a robotic system that picks the stocks; trades the stocks; closes out the trades & I don't do anything except look at my P&L.
    –Jeff, NY
  • Nothing could be easier. It turns itself on in the mornings, buys and sells stocks during market hours and turns itself off after the market closes.
    –Char M.
  • I set my AutoTrader to run automatically every morning. It scalps steady profits virtually every trading day and then turns itself off.
    –Glen G.